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Selected Radio Stations to Broadcast Live From CRS 2010 Exhibit Hall

Selected Radio Stations to Broadcast Live From CRS 2010 Exhibit Hall

Radio stations from across the country will broadcast live from Country Radio Seminar 2010 in the exhibit hall area, beginning Wednesday, Feb. 24, and continuing through Friday, Feb. 26, 2010.

The Morris Radio Group, of parent company Morris Communications, will send crews from its following Country-format stations to CRS this year:  KGNC (Amarillo, TX), KBRJ (Anchorage, AK), KYEZ (Salina, KS), WIBW (Topeka, KS), KAYO (Wasilla, AK) and KKRV (Wenatchee, WA).

“It's impressive to see the entire Morris Group of Country stations, from Kansas to Alaska and from the Texas Panhandle to Washington, making the most of CRS,” says radio consultant Jaye Albright.  “These broadcasts will give their listeners the ability to experience some of the entertaining and educational aspects of CRS and hopefully set a trend, as more stations take advantage of this opportunity at future Country Radio Seminars.”

John Windus, from KKRV in Wenatchee, WA, will facilitate interview requests for each of the stations.

Says Windus, “Nashville and CRS are so special because it's the only time during the year that we can connect our listeners with so many of their favorite artists.  The accessibility to artists that the labels provide remains unique to our format and is one of our ‘secret weapons.’  What the Morris Group is doing is special too, because we're not just attending seminars, we're also bringing listeners to the party.”

Other station participants also expressed their excitement and appreciation at the opportunity to broadcast live at CRS 2010.

“97.9 KGNC-FM, Amarillo's Country Leader, will be broadcasting mornings and afternoons from CRS,” said Tim Butler, KGNC Program Director.  “We are happy to be a part of this great opportunity afforded us by the CRB, AristoMedia and Morris Communications.  It will be great to bring a taste of Nashville and CRS live to our listeners in the Texas Panhandle.”

Eddie Maxwell of 100.9 FM/KAYO said, “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to broadcast from the home of Country music, Nashville, Tennessee.  We appreciate the CRB for being so gracious as to allow us the opportunity to broadcast from the greatest gathering of like-minded people, country programmers.”

Adds Chad Allen, KYEZ 93.7 Program Director, “Y93.7 will share the stories as we discover new artists and music, as well as reconnect with our favorites.  We'll bring the CRS excitement to our listeners not only on the air, but through our website as well.”

Exhibitors already announced for CRS-2010 include Avid Path, Ad Mall, Country Fastball, Operation Troop Aid, Moby in the Morning and Radiolicious.

For more information about CRS, visit www.CRB.org.

About Morris Radio Group:
The Morris Radio broadcast operation originated with two stations in Amarillo, Texas, and two stations in Topeka, Kansas, which were acquired in 1995 with the purchase of Stauffer Communications. The Morris broadcast division came into its own in 1997 and 1998 with the respective purchases of the Desert Radio Group in Palm Springs, Calif., and Pioneer Broadcasting of Washington state. The seven California stations, 13 stations in Alaska and Washington state, and the 2004 purchase of six additional stations from EBC, Inc., of Salina, Kansas, grew the company's total broadcast holdings to 33 stations and two networks.  Visit www.MorrisComm.com for more information.

About CRS:
The Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas in the country music industry.  Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.  CRS 2010 will be held Feb. 24-26, 2010 in Nashville, Tenn.  Registration is currently available online at www.CRB.org or by contacting the Country Radio Broadcasters at 615-327-4487.

About CRB:
The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. ® is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1969 to bring radio broadcasters from around the world together with the Country Music Industry to ensure vitality and promote growth in the Country Radio format.  More information may be obtained at: www.CRB.org or at the CRB office at 615-327-4487.

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