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Country Radio Broadcasters To Post CRS-40 Panels in Free Streaming Video at

Country Radio Broadcasters To Post CRS-40 Panels in Free Streaming Video at

Country Radio Broadcasters To Post CRS-40 Panels in Free Streaming Video at

Seminar Panels To Be Made Available Online for First Time

Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. has announced that free, full-length video clips of the seminar's daily panels will be made available for same-day viewing at their website,

The following panels will be posted online after 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 5.

Talent with a Capital "T" (8:30 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.) - This one is for the record books folks.  Who says you can't have it all?  CRS-40 will bring you four of the greatest air talent coaches the industry has ever known, and all in the same room!  We have assembled Valerie Geller, Randy Lane, Tommy Kramer and Paul Connell to teach you how to motivate and develop today's talent.  Come learn to be a better communicator and storyteller from the best of the best.  Moderator: Mike McVay - McVay Media; Panelists: Randy Lane - The Randy Lane Company; Valerie Geller - Geller Media International; Tommy Kramer - Tommy Kramer Talent Coaching; Paul Connell - PMC Brand Management

40 Great Programming Ideas in 40 Minutes (10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.) - The name says it all. A group of PDs will share their great programming ideas and give you some great thought starters for your station, and you don't even have to worry about writing em' down. We will do it for you!  Moderator: Bruce Logan OM Clear Channel Charlotte/PD WKKT; Panelists: Mike Kennedy - VP of Programming & Operations Wilks Broadcasting/PD KBEQ Kansas City; Steve Geofferies - Operations Manager Clear Channel Greenville/PD WSSL & WESC; John Paul - CBS Radio/PD KUPL Portland; Ken Boesen - Beasley Broadcasting Miami/PD WKIS

40 New Media Ideas (11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.) - This panel will teach you how to embrace and incorporate technology into all aspects of your business model and show you how to improve effectiveness while educating you on the hottest tech trends.  Moderator: Andy Denemark/ USRN; Panelists: Joel Burke/ KYGO; Dawn Gates/Capitol Records; Jennie Smythe/Girlilla Marketing; Rob Tiisler/Tampa Digital Studios

The following panel will be posted online after 4 p.m. on Friday, March 6:

Music Scheduling for Dummies: Better Music Logs in Less Time (11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.)
This panel will educate and illustrate how respected music programmers make the decisions they do when scheduling and editing music logs. Each will bring a sample of their log that has been "anointed" to show why songs are scheduled the way they are.  Moderator: John Shomby - Max Media Hampton Roads; Panelists: Gwen Foster - KMLE; Keith Hill - Keith Hill Consulting; Greg Frey - KILT.

The following panel will be posted online after 7 p.m. on Friday, March 6:

40 Promotional Ideas to Rev Up Your Revenue (2:00 p.m. - 2:50 p.m.) - Buckle up and hold on as this fast-paced, track-driven panel paves the way for you to take 40 workable ideas to the street on Monday. Get out of the pace car and take your promotions to the next gear! Moderator: Annie Sandor - WKIS; Panelists: Candace Price - Clear Channel; Craig Cohn - KPLX; Dave Demer/Clear Channel.

CRS-40 will be held March 4-6, 2009 at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.  Complete seminar information may be obtained by contacting CRB, Inc. at 615.327.4487 or by visiting  On-site registration is $699.

About CRS:
The Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas in the country music industry.  Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.

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