Thursday, August 11, 2011

CRB, Inc. and Edison Research to Collaborate on First-ever Study on Hispanic American Relationship to Country Radio and Music

CRB, Inc. and Edison Research to Collaborate on First-ever Study on Hispanic American Relationship to Country Radio and Music

The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. (CRB) have announced that they will collaborate with Edison Media Research to undertake the first-ever study of Hispanic Americans and their relationship with Country Radio and Country Music.

According to Charlie Cook, Senior Format Director of Cumulus Media, who also serves as the head of the research committee for the CRB board, "In order for the country format to thrive as the population composition changes, we must consider its appeal to all potential listeners. I think that it is important for the Country Radio Broadcasters to take the lead in examining these opportunities for Country Radio and the Country Music industry so that we can ensure success of our combined futures. This Hispanic project, coupled with our regular research - year three of our extensive P1 study - should help chart a course for our future."

R.J. Curtis, President of CRB, Inc. adds, "Arbitron data indicates that many Hispanics are already Country radio listeners. This study should give us a better understanding why they listen and point the way to growing the Hispanic audience for Country Radio, and by extension for Country Music."

Overall, the study will analyze Census statistics and Arbitron data, combined with an original nationally sampled survey of Hispanic Americans and one-on-one in-depth interviews conducted in both Spanish and English, video-recorded and presented with subtitles as needed. The focus will be on Hispanics aged 12-49.

According to Larry Rosin, President of Edison Media Research, "We will be consulting with a wide range of experts on the Hispanic population and blending their insights with our original data. In addition to research-based information, we look forward to presenting strategies both for individual stations and for the Country Music industry on how to improve relevance to this growing sector of the population.

Laura Villacampa, Research Director at Edison, will oversee the day-to-day implementation of the research project and will assist in presenting the information during the annual Country Radio Seminar (CRS-38) which will be held from February 28-March 2, 2007 at the Nashville, Tennessee Convention Center.
Edison Media Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information to radio stations, television stations, newspapers, cable networks, record labels, Internet companies and other media organizations. For further information visit

The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 to bring radio broadcasters from around the world together with the Country Music industry for the purpose of ensuring the continued vitality of the Country Radio format. They do this by idea sharing and education through an annual convention called the Country Radio Seminar. Complete seminar registration and hotel information may be obtained by contacting CRB, Inc. at 615-327-4487 or by visiting Advance registration is $499 through November 30, 2006. Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.

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