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CRB, Inc. Gears Up for Board and Agenda Meetings

CRB, Inc. Gears Up for Board and Agenda Meetings

CRB, Inc. Gears Up for Board and Agenda Meetings
2009 CRS Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(Nashville,  TN รข€“ July 7, 2008) The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.  are preparing for their annual summer Board and Agenda Committee Meetings, held July 15-17 at the Nashville  Convention Center and Nashville Renaissance Hotel.

The meetings will begin preparations for the 40th annual Country Radio Seminar, held March 4-6, 2009, and create the agenda for the radio and music industry's most unique education, music and networking event.

Both the Board of Directors and the Agenda Committee are focused on designing the educational elements of the seminar, but this year will also address ways to incorporate the organization's 40th anniversary and birthday celebrations into the agenda.

"Each year we get a lot of excellent panel ideas sent to us in January," says WSIX's Keith Kaufman, Agenda Chairman. "Unfortunately, most people don't realize that the planning for CRS begins the previous July. Ideas are always welcome, but for CRS-40 the time for submissions is right now!"

Agenda Vice-Chairman Bob Reeves of Warner Brothers Nashville adds, "We are always glad to entertain new ideas for seminars, panelists and speakers. Once again, we are confident that this year's meetings will help address the vital issues facing our industries."
Anyone wishing to submit ideas or suggestions for next year's event should contact Agenda Committee coordinator Sheree Latham at

About CRB: The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1969 to bring radio broadcasters from around the world together with the Country Music Industry to ensure the vitality of the Country Radio format. More information may be obtained at: or at the CRB office at 615-327-4487.
About CRS: The Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas in the country music industry. Country Radio Seminar is a registered trademark of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.

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